I bought a Schacht Lady Bug spinning wheel at Stitches Midwest several years ago. It was a floor model so I got it at a great price. When I got her back to my friends they immediately asked me what I was going to name her. I didn’t realize she needed a name, but that seemed like fun, so I went along with it finally settling on the name Ruby Esther.

I learned to spin on this wheel. I’ve dragged her along to fiber conventions and knitting nights. I spin quite a bit and she’s always served me faithfully, until recently. This year right right before Christmas, just as I was finishing yarn for one project and about to make yarn for another, she broke. She simply wouldn’t spin. Somehow, the nylon drive wheel was slipping on the hub and I couldn’t spin yarn.

My husband, practical engineer that he is, went to the Schacht website. Together as we looked through the FAQ and troubleshooting section found that there was a repair kit for this weel. I e-mailed the company explaining my problem, where I got the wheel and included as much information as I could.

The next day I got an e-mail back asking me to fill out a simple form. Within a week I had a repair kit, with a request to ask for a shipping label when I was done  so I could FedEx it back to them. All of this was free of charge. The repair kit had everything I needed to repair the wheel including instructions, a screwdriver and even a cordless drill.

I sat down to read the instructions to repair the wheel and my husband sat down next to me to help. Either of us could have done it alone. The repair was easy, however, it’s much more fun to do something with a friend.

First we removed the flyer and stablilized the wheel so none of the parts would spin.

Then we added wedge shaped spacers so that when we drilled into the hub we’d drill at the correct angle and in the correct place.

Then we repeated the same process on the other side of the wheel. After we were finished I put her back together and gave a test spin. The whole repair took about a half hour.

I knew we’d be able to fix the wheel. What really surprised me was the Schacht Company. I didn’t buy the wheel from them. I got it as a floor model from a vendor whose name I couldn’t remember. Yet the people who helped me from Schacht were polite, friendly, helpful, happy to send me a repair kit, and then a shipping label to send it back.

This whole thing could have been a horror story, instead it was an easy fix and now I’m happily back to spinning yarn. That last Christmas gift will just have to be repurposed for an exquisite birthday gift instead.



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